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We have created a product to mitigate the effects of a fall or collision.

Our impact resisting system used in SMARTY® relies on the patented combination of a honeycomb and dilatant material. In the case of a fall or collision, the impact causes the soft dilatant material to immediately change to form a hard shell that spreads and shunts the forces over the honeycomb matrix. It then returns to its normal condition for additional protection.

Grass Roots Technology

Alba-Technic is a Maine-based company that has developed a proprietary technology being applied to the production of customizable headwear to protect persons from traumatic brain injury.

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Market Need

At Alba-Technic, LLC we are constantly exploring new ways to use our advanced patented material. Our current focus is personal protective products made with patented shock absorbing material.

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Funding Resources

We have been funded by the Maine Technology Institute, National Institutes of Health, SBIR Phase I and II, National Science Foundation, STTR Phase I Science and Technology Transfer.

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Our technology is quite simple. You cannot stop someone from falling or a collision (for example, in sports) from happening. The probability is that at some point, one of these events will happen, whether it be with an elderly person, an athlete, or an individual in a daily situation.

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Dr. BalanceTM introduces the SMARTY®