We have created a product to mitigate the effects of a fall or collision. We take a great deal of the force that would normally go into the brain, resulting in injury, and shunt it over a range of dynamic polymers. The impact resisting system used in the SMARTY relies on the patented combination of a honeycomb and dilatant material (U.S. Patent 8,087,101 and Canadian and European patents). In the case of a fall or collision, the impact causes the soft dilatant material to immediately change to form a hard shell that spreads and shunts the forces over the honeycomb matrix. It then returns to its normal condition for additional protection.


Honeycomb Cells

Honeycomb cells are a natural shock absorbing structure, they contain approximately 90% air. The cells can be manipulated very easily, so that they can be made thicker, thinner, longer, smaller, harder, softer or with more sides to them. Therefore, we can predict in advance how they are going to behave, allowing the ability to fine-tune the honeycomb cells and dilatant using finite element analyses, and other methods. This allows them to absorb the impact during a fall in a highly predictable manner.

“We have come a long way in solving the problem of traumatic brain injury. Our patented technology is truly a game changer.”

—Jim Ferguson, Founder of Alba-Technic LLC

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