• The SMARTY® uses EVO2™, a patented multi-layer design to protect for any kind of impact.
  • In the case of a fall or collision, the soft dilatant layer immediately changes stiffness to spread and shunt the impact over a wide area of the underlying honeycomb matrix. It then returns to its original condition providing continuous protection to the wearer.
  • The material returns to its normal condition after absorbing the impact to provide additional protection.
  • Honeycomb cells are a natural shock absorbing structure. They can contain over 90% air, making it ideal for wearing on the head.
  • The SMARTY® is a personal protective headgear that can be worn daily.
  • Made in the USA.

“When you are outside doing sports or going to your children’s games and you’ve got a seizure disorder and you are falling, or off balance, having the SMARTY® has been a life saver for me.”

—Donna, SMARTY® User

Advanced Hip Protection

We will soon release the Hip Defender™, a highly discreet shock-absorbing device aimed to increase user compliance while retaining dignity.
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