Where it all began

A soccer coach to his children in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Alba-Technic, LLC founder, Jim Ferguson, created a headband design with the intention of helping them head the ball.  Heading the ball can often be a fearful experience for youth athletes and designing an alternative gave his players the confidence to hone their skills.  From a desire to help local youth, the Clashband™ was born.

A passion project for Ferguson became something more when a close friend, Steven Castle, M.D., a prestigious doctor in the elderly medical community made mention that he needed something similar to the Clashband™ for his patients. The patients, many of which were at a higher risk of falling due to medical conditions would benefit from the protective product. The duo took the technology to the VA, where testing at their facility in Tampa, Florida began. With minor design changes from the original Clashband™ design, the SMARTY® began to come to life. Ten years later, on a road lined with extensive research and testing, breakthroughs began to take place.

Original SMARTY

“I can say without hesitation that the headgear has saved Sr. Nino many times from very serious injury!”

—Caralyn Treharne, RN
Director of Nursing, Sisters of Notre Dame

In December 2015, Alba-Technic, LLC had widespread publicity with their patented EVO2TM shock-absorbing technology; the same technology principals and patented combination of materials that reside in the SMARTY®. We were proud that our company was announced as one of five winners in the NFL, Under Armour, GE and NIST sponsored Head Health Challenge III, and awarded a $250,000 prize to continue our research and development. Challenge III seeks to stimulate the development of a range of materials that provide excellent energy absorbing and energy dissipating properties.
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